Our FABPRO ERP software is a very cost effective and specialized software for Fabrication companies in India and enables your organization to meet the primary objectives

Key Features

Split and maintain stock of raw material carrying different Heat Nos/TC Nos/Customer/Job order
Excellent Workflow with multilevel approvals
Mapping of MRS & MIV Items that are having different varaible values
Tax template/Approver template
Defining static and variable dimensions of an item
Automated conversion of the item UOM from different UOMs assigned to each dimension
Force close status
Linked Invoice

User-Friendly Intuitive and simple user interface designed for quick and easy access by your existing staff
Customizable Modular Architecture facilitates easier customization to better fit your needs
Process Compliance Process flow an check-points are established to streamline the process and enable easier adaptation to ISO 9001 and other certification requirements
Real-time Order Tracking Accurate,up to the minute information on order status;Process wise status and Design/Article wise status
Business Intelligence Reports For analysis & Strategic Decision making.Identify your most profitable products,Buyers,Countries and analyze the Performance of your Suppliers,Departments etc.,
Budget Control Pre-Budgeting for each job orders at job and PGMA levels and other standard costs.View projected profit/loss of the order.Actual cost is automatically calculated during each stage of order execution.Comparison of Pre & Post-Budget and cost variance by Department/Process
Quality Plan A Quality Plan helps the user to schedule all of the tasks needed to make sure that the project meets the need of customer
Settlement Automatic calculation of Net Payable amount to supplier after accounting for weight shortage,re-work costs etc.,which is hitherto a tedious manual process
Finanace Integration Optional feature of a fully integrated Accounts package
Internal Messaging Keep track of all inter-departmental communications for each order.Save time,enforce accountability and avoid miscommunications
Inventory Management Have total control on your production cost and effectively manage inventory,avoiding possible wastages.Order/Department?Supplier wise Stock reports and stock transfer options
Printable Documents All functional documents such as ERN,PO,MRN,MRIR,SIV,MIV,MRS,LA,SCO,Planning,Budget,Schedule etc., are printable
Security Definition Facility to provide User based access rights to perform only specific actions (view/update/create/approve) on specific functions



Maintain single source for all Master Data such as Items, Vendors, Customer,Consignee,Product type,nature of supply,Scope and other default masters.Effective handling of static and variable dimensions in size & type enables flexibility throughout the life cycle of an item.

Innovative functions related to marketing such as enquiries,offers,customer orders & job orders coupled with full fledged tracking of status and cost of sampling.Functions include tracking of items/drawings received,material and cost calculation,accepted and rejected orders,revisions,etc.

The module utters its design by providing features such as,easy mapping of PGMAs to job orders,Effective handling of draing BOMs and their history of revisions,Structural representation of drawings under principal drawing which improves the clarity during PGMA release,Enable easy split of DUs and MRL generations with history of revisions.

This module saves alot of time in planning procedures by providing effevctive tools for setting multiple DU responsible agencies-workgroups/sub contractors for each release.Also includes functions such as DU rating,Document acknowledgement,Material allowance,Loading advice/subcontracting oredr generation,MRS generation etc.

Effectively integrated with stores,it manages purchases and orders.The module is equiped with call for quotes,item wise QC setup,AD hoc/Approved/Reference purchase and multilevel reports.Quote comparison chart assists in decision making.

This module offers a comprehensive range of functions for stock control and management.Provided with efficient tools to Categorize/Receive/Issue?eturn materials,it also records stock with efficient mapping against corresponding Customer/Joborder/Heat NO.It compromises of remarkable tools to manage functions including MRIR,MRN,RSV,MIV,SIV

This module provides functions such as Project Budjet Statement,Billing schedule,PGMA Split costing,PGMA Dispatch schedule& Invoice generation for better control over ypur business.

This module deals with facility maintenance-consumable & spares(FMCS) listing,history card,indent generation,receipts,inspection,issues & accounting.

Effective tools to track the production cycle enabling the user to monitor evry progress and delays.

Functionalities to incorporate technical delivery conditions,quality plan/procedures through-out the product lifecycle have been incorporated in this ERP


Fully Integrated with Tally.

Fully secured ERP with options for management to control access previlages at screen level for different users and roles.Add/Update roles,assign access rights to different roles,change password etc.Maintain session and function wise tracking of created and fuction wise tracking of created & last updated users.
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After successfully implementing a E-Governance Solution for our University, CusDelight associates have worked very hard to train all our users till they were 100% comfortable with the new environment.

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