TexEze - Textile Exports Made Easy is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed exclusively for Textile Industry. TexEze streamlines and integrates all the processes from Marketing & Order acceptance to Shipment & invoicing and helps you achieve increased productivity and have better control on the Quality and timeliness of Orders. TexEze provides necessary tools and accurate information (MIS) to drive down costs, improve quality, and avoid delayed shipments which translate into enhanced profit margins.

TexEze is a fully integrated, affordable, easy-to-use business management solution that helps you achieve new competitive edge and also provides rapid return on your investment.

Designed by a team of IT consultants who have more than 30 yrs of combined experience with Fortune 50 companies across the globe and Textile Industry experts with more than 20 yrs of Industry experience, TexEze exactly fits your business needs. Rest assured – you can sit back, relax and manage your operations with the remote control in your hand.

Why TexEze?
Fully Integrated end-to-end solution with world class features at an affordable cost
Enhanced Profit Margin due to Better Quality, Cost savings and On-time Shipments
Provides complete control on Quality, Budget & Schedule of Orders
Accurate, real-time information & Business Intelligence Reports for Strategic Decision Making

TexEze has already been implemented for several Home Textile Manufacturers and Exporters and is a proven Software fir Home Textile Industry.

For detailed information on how TexEze can help your business, read our product brochure


Alerts & Work lists

Automatic Work list generation for each user with Red, Amber, Green Flags
Automatic Alerts to each person on possible delays, important events & Task reminders
Automatic Escalation to next higher level if user fails to act promptly on an alert

User-Friendly: Intuitive and simple user interface designed for quick and easy access by your existing staff

Customizable: Modular Architecture facilitates easier customization to better fit your needs

Process Compliance: Process flow and check-points are established to Streamline the process and enable easier adaptation to ISO 9001 and other certification requirements

Real-time Order Tracking: Accurate, up to the minute information on order status; Process wise status and Design/Article wise status

Business Intelligence reports for Analysis & Strategic Decision making. Identify your most profitable products, Buyers, Countries and analyze the performance of your Suppliers, Departments etc.,

Budget Control: Pre-Budgeting for each Materials purchase, all processes and other standard costs. View projected profit/loss of the order. Actual cost is automatically calculated during each stage of order execution. Comparison of Pre & Post-Budget and cost variance by Department / Process.

Image Gallery: Maintain unlimited photos for each design along with its history and details. Easily identify all designs related to a Season/Theme/Buyer/Studio and the location of sample if available.

Targeted Marketing: Option to select designs by Season, Theme, Buyer, Product, and Date and omit designs that are already sent to that Buyer/Country. Automated draft email is generated.

Sampling: All functions as in order execution are provided for Sample Development requests as well. Extensive analysis reports to decide on Buyers, Countries and Products to focus on.

Settlement: Automatic calculation of Net Payable amount to Supplier after accounting for weight shortage, re-work costs etc., which is hitherto a tedious manual process.

Finance Integration: Optional feature of a fully integrated Accounts package. All Purchase/Sales transactions are sent to Finance. Order wise reference available.

Internal Messaging: Keep track of all inter-departmental communications for each order. Save time, enforce accountability and avoid miscommunications

Inventory Management: Have total control on your production cost and effectively manage inventory, avoiding possible wastages. Order/ Department/ Supplier wise Stock reports and stock transfer options

Printable Documents: All functional documents such as PO, JC, DC, GRN, Planning, Budget, Schedule etc., are printable. PO, JC & GRN is also available in other languages (Tamil)

Security Definition: Facility to provide User based access rights to perform only specific actions (view / update / create / approve) on specific functions.



Maintain single source for all Master Data such as Items, Vendors, Wages, Ports, Currency rate, Courier Tariffs etc., Internal SKU is created for each unique item.

Effective tools to reduce the time spent on redundant tasks. Buyer (Sale) Order entry is very simple with Multiple Shipments, Buyer SKU based tracking & Pre-filled Accessory requirements. Features automated creation of Sample / Proforma / Commercial invoices. Tracking of Samples & other courier dispatches.

Provides all the functions related to Grey Yarn purchase and Yarn Dyeing. Includes automated Worklist, Quotation, Purchase Order (PO) / Job Card (JC), Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Delivery Challan (DC), Quality Control (QC) and Stock Transfer. Automatic Bundle-Kazhis to Kgs and reverse conversion.

Planning tool to decide which orders/articles to stitch for next week and if outsourcing is required. Functions include Progress Tracking for In-house stitching, PO /JC, GRN, First Piece Inspection, DC, QC, Settlement, Rework Tracking and Stock Transfer for Stitching Accessories purchase, Outsourced stitching & Value Additions.

Provides all Packing Accessories procurement related functions and Inventory Management of all items. Includes PO, GRN, First Piece, QC, Rework Tracking, DC, Stock Transfer and Order Closing. Stock Reports at various levels such as Order wise, Department wise, Daily Opening & Closing balances, Current Stock on Hand etc.,

Module provides functions for initial set-up and regular maintenance done by the Administrator such as Roles, Users, Access rights, Passwords etc., Also features an Internal Messaging function and Stock Adjustment function to fix variation between System stock and Physical stock.

Innovative functions related to Marketing coupled with Full fledged tracking of status & cost of Sampling. Functions include Buyer database, Designs upload, Designs issue to Buyers, Buyer Assets maintenance, Sampling Process (from Planning, Budget, Schedule, Purchase & Processes, Stitch-Pack & Courier dispatch).

This module provides powerful tools to enable faster release of Orders to Production. A separate work list shows all pending orders with status based flags in Red, Amber, Green color. Functions include Production Planning, Pre Budgeting, Scheduling & Management Approval - all equipped with automations.

Provides all the functions related to Plain Fabric purchase, Fabric Dyeing, Fabric Printing and Weaving. Includes automated Work list, Quotation, PO / JC, GRN, DC, First Piece Inspection, QC, Settlement, Rework Tracking, Stock Transfer and Order Closing for each of these processes.

Provides Checking related functions including Daily checking progress, Green seal approval, DC, Order closing. Progress tracking by Date & Order, Re-work/rejection tracking by mistake type and automated wages calculation based on Article & Size.

This module provides ability to create Packing Plan based on the Production Quantity and Packing Checklist to track completion of Art-work approval, Gold-seal approval etc., Module includes Packing Progress Tracking & trend reports, Drag-drop artwork creating feature and Shipment Loading with automatic Packing List generation.

Management Information System (MIS) summarizes and presents enterprise-wide information with graphical representations providing quick 'n' easy access to the overall picture of your business. Have total control on your operations with accurate, up to the minute information on all processes, Thanks to extensive reports for each module.

Business Benefits

TexEze enables your organization to meet the primary objectives such as, increased productivity thru enhanced efficiency, better Management control & Transparency, Reduced Production costs & wastages and increased profitability to achieve growth as per the company's vision.

Respond rapidly - with accurate, up to the minute Business Information, Plan Strategically with Business Intelligence Reports and Execute Quickly with Intuitive Easy-to-use User Interface.

When freed from constantly reacting to day-to-day minutiae, you can spend more time driving your business forward.

 Buyer / Country wise Profitability report
 Buyer / Country wise Designs issued Vs Sample Requests
 Buyer / Country wise Sampling Vs Orders received
 Sampling Cost Distribution by Buyer / Country
 Article Type Distribution by Buyer / Country
 Production Type Distribution by Buyer / Country
 Design Utilization based on Articles, Colours, Order Qty
 Department Performance comparison by Order, Time period
 Supplier Distribution for each Process by Order, Time period
 Supplier Performance Ranking for each Process"
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