As everyone knows, Education Domain in India and elsewhere in the world is in a very transient phase witnessing changes almost every day, whether it is the Academic process, Teaching Strategy, Model, Curriculum, type of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, the administrative process, statutory regulations and above all, the technology tools for each of the above components.

The Past decade has seen a phenomenal increase in the number of Educational Institutions across India, from schools to Universiti swhich has resulted in a competitive environment wherein the Student gets to benefit by way of having more choices and options. It has triggered a struggle for existence among the various Educational Institutions and only the best Institutions which constantly upgrade their service to the students prevail and grow.

At Cus Delight, we very much understand this and have a very well experienced team of Educational Consultants and Technical Architects who have designed and developed robust, innovative and futuristic Technology solutions for the entire spectrum of Education Industry.

For Open and Distance Learning Management (For Open Universities and Directorates of Distance Education)

Managing an open University or a distance education division of a university is a very challenging affair because of the nature of processes involved in the day to day operations and also due to
 the unique procedures involved
 multiple communication channel requirement
 level of interactivity to be provided to the students
 coordination with various learning centers
 the geographical spread of the students
 material production and distribution
 the number of students being handled
 and above all the sheer volume of data being processed

Is governance of a open university/Distance Education Division, a conventional university and a business organization very similar?

Definitely not! While there might be certain similarities between how these three entities are governed, often the governance of a open university or a distance education division is a combination of a conventional university management and a business enterprise management.

It is a combination of academic management, professional services management and an enterprise management

This is more so because, some of the operations performed by an open university or a distance education division are related to enterprise management and some are related to academic & professional services management.

What kind of IT solution is best suited for open Universities and Distance Education Divisions ?

It is a proven, accepted fact that the role of ICT in
  reducing the complexity of management procedures
  increasing the flexibility to the management
  streamlining the entire management process
  improving the operational effectiveness
  ensuring data accuracy and security
  ensuring information availability in the right format at the right time and
  providing multiple, parallel communication channels between the students, Centers and University is appreciable.

But, what kind of an IT solution is a big question.
Can a proven Enterprise Resource planning Solution(ERP) be customized and used? or
Will an off-the-shelf University management Solution (UMS) fit the bill? Or
Should we go for stand alone, discrete, small software solutions for different departments as per their requirement?

Not really !

What we require is an office automation/e-governance/enterprise resource planning solution exclusively designed and developed for open universities and distance education institutions.

And CusDelight offers you just the same !

Is a hybrid software solution exclusively developed for the E-Governance and automation of Open Universities and Distance Learning Divisions of other Universities. It is a comprehensive solution which covers the entire gamut of functionalities required for Open and Distance Learning Management.

It has a client Server based back office automation & E-Governance Solution and an exhaustive web-portal for interaction between Student, Study Centers and University Administration.

Web Portal Features

For detailed information on how DLUMS can bring value to your institution, read our product brochure

CusDelight’s University management System is a full fledged solution covering the entire administrative and academic management requirements of any university. Combined with our exclusive solution for Distance Education Division management(DLUMS), our UMS can virtually convert any university into a completely paperless office.
UMS Key Features
  Automated : ID Card, Memo, Business Rule Validation, Exam centre Allocation, Back-up etc
  Flexible : Period level business rules, program code change, credit change, Syllabus change, Credit
  Exemption, Semester and Non-Semester Patterns etc
  User friendly : Very minimal Data Entry, Workflow Driven, Mass Data Processing etc
  Integrated : Fully Integrated modules, OMR, Bar Code, IVRS, ID card Printer etc
  Intelligent : Check Point Prompting, Stock Alert, BI Reports, Dashboards, one touch Student history, Message Boards etc
UMS Benefits
  Considerable amount of decrease in work load for University
  Real time data availability of relevant data to Student, Center and University
  Reduction in number of queries and Issues from Students/Centers
  Effective status tracking by University
  Prevention of errors at source
  Substantial cost reduction
 Streamlined processes
  Transparent Student Data
  Easy for University to communicate to Students/Centers through Message boards and does not require technical expertise
UMS Modules:
University Administration
  Purchase Management
  Vendor Management
  Employee Management
  Leave Management
  RTI Query Management
  Stores Management
  Quotation Processing
  Approval Work Flow
  Goods Receipt Note
  Invoice management
  Settlement Management
  Alerts and Reminders
  Stock Management
Payroll Processing
  Salary Computation
  Generation of Pay Bills and Pay Slips
  Generation of Bank Statements
  Arrears Calculation and generation of arrears report.
  Payment of Advances and Claims viz. TA, Medical etc.
  Settlement of Advances and Claims
 Loan Recovery Management and Recovery
  GPF maintenance
  EIncome Tax, Generation of Income Tax statement
  Bank intimation
  Gratuity, Insurance
  Holiday Tracking
  Employee Leave Register

  Financial Accounting
Option to choose between our own Integrated Single entry or double entry Accounting Module. All necessary accounting functions such as
  Cash and Bank vouchers
  User Defined vouchers
  Contra vouchers
  Purchase and sales books
  Cash and Banking reconciliation
  Fund & Budget Management
  Accounts Approval Workflow
  Financial period close
  Trial Balance
  Statement of Account
  Receipt/Charge Statement
  Balance Sheet
  P&L Account

  Student Registration
  Mass Student Data Upload
  Preparation of registration Lists
  Program and Courses nomenclature
  Program and Courses Codification
  Fee Management
  Fee Collection and Integration to Accounts
  Verification of Student Eligibility for courses
  Admission List Generation
  Offer of Admission
  Verification and Capture of certificates mark lists etc
  Bonafide Certificate
  Fee Receipt request and Tracking
  Grievance Request
  Student Profile
  Request Dashboards
  Application Statistics
  Application Dashboard
  Student Statistics
  Student Fee board
  Student Address Labels
  Other applicable MIS Reports for Admission
  Course Completion Certificate
  Application Dashboard

  Examination and Evaluation
  Student’s Fees/Dues Accounting & Management
  Eligibility for examination
  Registration for examination, Generation of roll numbers
  Issue of admit cards: generation and printing
  Preparation of examination schedule and seating plan
  Absentee statement in examination/unfair means
  Update of database of received answer sheets, course /subject wise   
  Examination centre wise, student wise
  Secured on line entry of internal assessment marks by faculty
  Consolidating all marks reports
  Grading assistance
  Credit Transfer
  Examination Results declaration
  Re-evaluation process including fees

  Material Production and Distribution
  Vendor Management
  Application Category Management
  Invoice rate Master
  Application Stock
  Stock Alerts
  Re-Order Level
  Stock Re-Conciliation
  Indent management
  Material Dispatch and Tracking
  Work Order management
  Material Receipt management
  Invoice Management
  Negative Management
  Application Order and Receipts Management
  Application sales
  Application Settlements
  Other relevant MIS Reports

  Student Support Services
  Scholarship Amount Set-up
  Scholarship Requests
  Scholarship Memo Creation
  Student Profile Look-up
  Grievance Request

  Software Security and Data Management
  University Information Update
  Department Creation and Maintenance
  School of Study Creation and Maintenance
  Period and Pattern Creation and Maintenance
  Program Category Management
 Program Management
  Course Management
  Affiliated College Set-up and Maintenance
  Fee head and Fee management
  Other Relevant MIS reports
  Request – Fee Link
  Role Set-up and Maintenance
 User Set-up and Maintenance
  Security Rights
  Student Data Archival
  Data Back-up

  Student Online registration
  Application Status
  Student Login and password Management
  Events Management
  Broadcast Messages
 Personalized Student Profile
 Personalized Exam Results
  Hall Tickets
  Students Grievance Request
  Address Change Request
  Name Change Request
  Exam registration
  Bonafide Certificate Request
  Fee Receipt request
  Membership create and Maintain
  Access for membership

Kaizen Campus is not just a campus management solution, but also offers innovative models and platforms for all round performance improvement of Students, Staff, administration and the institution as a whole. During such time when hundreds of engineering colleges and other institutions are mushrooming all over India, institutions have to compete with each other to find means to improve

social image
student’s performance
staff productivity and
administrative effectiveness

Designed and Developed by IT Architects in collaboration with Education Industry experts, Kaizen Campus is a next generation Campus Management Solution which is sure to take your college on a continuous improvement path.
Kaizen Campus Modules
Why Kaizen Campus ?

CusDelight is a very important partner to our business. We value our relationship with CusDelight. The excellent resources that brought about changes in ways we never thought would be possible. The CusDelight team is always raising the bar for superior performance.more

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